Social Justice Advocacy

We’ve been associated with various Public Interest issues in the past and continue to do so. If you feel that there is an issue that requires our concern, do write to us, we’ll refer you to the nearest Legal Services Authority for free legal aid. 


6 thoughts on “Social Justice Advocacy

  1. I am 34 Yrs Old person. Residing in Madhya Pradesh and put an petition of Divorce from my wife on the Base of Cruelty.

    Now please suggest-

    My wife applied for 15000 Rs maintainance on me…..However she is doing Govt. job Since 10 Yrs and getting salary about 13000 Rs and she is Having scope of pension.

    Regarding me-I am Working in Pvt. Ltd. company and earning 40000 Salary. and having no scope of Pension.

    please note that my mother is of 64 yrs old, and also having mentally disturbed elder brother of 37 yrs old ( who is not working). And both are dependent on me.

    My Daughter is 2.5 Yrs Old and she is in custody of my Wife.

    Question is: How much amount can I aspect from Court (maximum & minimum) that can considered…….. and on what guidelines?

    Also please suggest-is their any way to get out of this without any maintainance to pay.

    1. Hello,

      i have read ur case, section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act entitle maintenance to wife only if they do not have any means to maintain themselves. Ur Wife is a Govt employee so Just produce the Proof of her Employment of your wife to court there ends the matter.

  2. Sir
    My great grand father sold the property to unknown person at his generation, without informing his sons and daughters , that unknown person sold that property to another one , it happened about 40 years ago. But we dont know about that ,since my family living in that place, now the buyed person forcing me to leave that place , we all are poor families and dind’t have any lands and properties to live. so please give me any positive legal advice to me.
    Thank You…

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